About us

WhaleWisdom Alpha is focused on researching and profiting from the “smart money” disclosures of hedge funds, professional investors and corporate insiders.   Every week these key investors file thousands of reports with the SEC pertaining to equity transactions.  Hidden in this massive amount of 13F, 13D, 13G and Form 4 data is information that can be profitably exploited by outside investors.  WhaleWisdom Alpha identifies predictive smart money filings and discusses how to best trade on the information

The smart money does have an information advantage: Top hedge fund managers spend millions on proprietary research. Corporate insiders often trade their own stock based on knowledge only they have.   But while these astute investors might rather operate in secrecy, the SEC mandates that large funds and corporate insiders disclose their investing activity. By analyzing these disclosures, “regular” investors can develop ideas and strategies that profit from the smart money’s superior information.

However, sifting through the massive number of SEC filings to identify alpha-producing data is a challenge. It can be like searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack. That’s where WhaleWisdom Alpha’s comes in. Our principals have decades of experience analyzing SEC filings and generating alpha based on their content.

At WhaleWisdom Alpha we know that investors are inundated with information. Our mission is to cut through the noise and zero-in on an investment approach with a proven edge: Studying the moves of top professional traders and corporate insiders and following them into investments with exceptional profit potential.