XN, which raised $1B last when it launched last July, filed its first 13F on Feb. 16. For Q4, the fund reported managing $1.53B in 13F securities. The XN hedge fund filed jointly with its affiliate XN Exponent Advisors.
Warren Buffett is generally regarded as the greatest investor of our time. That’s why every quarter, when Buffett’s fund Berkshire Hathaway updates portfolio holdings, Buffett followers scrutinize the reports, hoping to profit from the moves of the world’s 3rd richest person
when 13F filings were published in mid-May of 2018, it showed that for the first time since its IPO, more funds reduced FB holdings over a quarter than added shares. In Q1, 192 more funds had pared-down FB positions than had increased FB shares (left). While not a huge shift in institutional sponsorship, this indicator was possibly the canary in the coal mine, signaling that FB’s relentless institutional buying momentum had stalled.