High dividend stocks with insider buying: Macerich, Meredith among big yielders being bought by smart money.


High yielding stocks offer potential for double-barreled returns – big dividend payments and price appreciation. However, many stocks with large dividend yields are “accidental high yielders.” These are stocks where some fundamental problem — an earnings shortfall, for instance — has put pressure on the stock price. But the dividend remains unchanged. Of course, the question then is: Will management cut the dividend? You don’t want to buy a stock for its fat dividend and then see the payout get slashed. That’s why it pays to watch for high dividend stocks with insider buying.

C-level executives and directors of a company know their own businesses better than anyone. If a company is planning on cutting its dividend, would a corporate insider be buying that stock? Probably not. Insiders typically don’t buy their own shares if a negative corporate development is imminent. They do buy their own stock if they think it’s a bargain.

Below is a list of high dividend stocks with insider buying: Greater than 5% expected annual dividend yields where corporate insiders have purchased shares over the last month. The expected yield is based on the announced amount of the next dividend. Of course, dividend cuts are always a possibility. Do your homework!

High dividend stocks with insider buying. Stocks with dividend yields greater than 5% and $100K+ insider purchases over the last month.

Recent Insider BuyCompanySymbolIndustry# Insiders Total Shares Avg. PriceExpected Annual Div Yield
13-Feb-2020Oxford Lane Capital OXLCCorporate Finance3             406,000 24.7717.90%
11-Feb-2020NGL Energy Partners LPNGLIndependent Oil & Gas2             110,000 9.6716.50%
20-Feb-2020CM Finance Inc.ICMBAsset Management1               35,220 7.2313.20%
19-Feb-2020Macerich Co.MACREIT – Retail3               48,417 23.3212.60%
19-Feb-2020A. H. Belo CorporationAHCPublishing – Newspapers1             127,844 4.9811.70%
03-Apr-2019Falcon Minerals CorpFLMNPetroleum – Natural Gas1               31,889 9.0311.70%
11-Feb-2020Kayne Anderson MLP KYNDiversified Investments1             800,000 2511.00%
20-Feb-2020Martin Midstream LPMMLPIndependent Oil & Gas5             125,880 2.639.80%
20-Feb-2020Dorchester Minerals LPDMLPDiversified Investments1               13,000 16.018.90%
20-Feb-2020Western Asset GlobalEHIDiversified Investments1             387,065 10.397.70%
21-Feb-2020Meredith Corp.MDPPublishing – Periodicals2               10,780 31.057.60%
20-Feb-2020Western Asset H IncomeHIODiversified Investments1          1,733,567 5.267.40%
21-Feb-2020Enterprise Products EPDIndependent Oil & Gas2             870,031 25.97.00%
18-Feb-2020Pioneer Floating Rate TrPHDDiversified Investments1               57,213 11.086.70%
07-Feb-2020Sprott Focus TrustFUNDOther1               83,346 7.376.30%
10-Feb-2020Exxon Mobil Corp.XOMMajor Oil & Gas1                 2,858 59.865.90%
18-Feb-2020Star Gas Partners LPSGUSpecialty Retail5               27,649 9.035.50%
22-Jan-2020Phillips 66 Partners LpPSXPOil & Gas Refining 2                 3,280 62.155.50%
04-Feb-2020AT&T Inc.TTelecom Services 1             100,000 37.65.40%
03-Feb-2020Penns Woods Bancorp PWODRegional Banks1                 9,400 32.755.04%

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