Scion’s Q3 2020 13F shows 13 new holdings. CVC call options were Michael Burry’s #2 holding.


Famed money manager Michael Burry, main character in the book and movie “The Big Short,” began reporting his Scion Asset Management holdings in Q4 of 2018 after a two year hiatus. Since then, Scion has averaged about 12 positions in its quarterly 13F portfolio. But Scion’s Q3 2020 13F reveals Burry holding 33 positions, including 13 new stock and options holdings.

Scion’s Q3 2020 13F disclosed the fund’s largest position to once again be Google(GOOG) calls. Burry held a $58M position, about 17.8% of Scion’s $330M 13F portfolio.

Though Burry sold 38% of the fund’s Gamestop Corp. (GME) position, the game retailer moved up to a #3 ranking in Scion’s portfolio. This was due to substantial selling of other holdings.

Scion’s Q3 2020 13F portfolio positions.
StockSectorShares HeldMarket Value% of PortfolioPrevious % PortRank% ChangeQtr 1st ownedRecent Price
GOOG(CALL)COMMUNICATIONS40,000$58,784,00017.835.871-50%Q2 20201,777.02
CVS(CALL)CONSUMER STAPLES462,100$26,987,0008.172NewQ3 202071
GMECONSUMER DISCRETIONARY1,703,400$17,375,0005.263.793-38%Q4 201811.01
PFE(CALL)HEALTH CARE416,600$15,289,0004.634NewQ3 202038.62
GS(CALL)FINANCE73,600$14,791,0004.484.6150%Q2 2020219.08
FBCOMMUNICATIONS50,000$13,095,0003.976NewQ1 2020276.95
FB(CALL)COMMUNICATIONS45,000$11,786,0003.576.717-51%Q2 2020276.95
DISCACOMMUNICATIONS500,000$10,885,0003.33.3580%Q1 202023.12
UNITREAL ESTATE1,000,000$10,535,0003.191.89957%Q2 20209.6
WDC(CALL)INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY270,000$9,869,0002.993.78100%Q2 202041.47
WDCINFORMATION TECHNOLOGY250,000$9,138,0002.7711NewQ3 202041.47
CVSCONSUMER STAPLES150,000$8,760,0002.6512NewQ3 202071
ALLFINANCE90,000$8,473,0002.5713NewQ3 202096.71
JPM(CALL)FINANCE86,000$8,279,0002.512.57140%Q2 2020114.08
BAC(CALL)FINANCE342,300$8,246,0002.52.58150%Q2 202027
MSGNCOMMUNICATIONS850,000$8,135,0002.4616NewQ3 202010.58
LUMNUTILITIES AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS800,000$8,072,0002.4417NewQ3 20209.85
QRTEACOMMUNICATIONS1,100,000$7,898,0002.3918NewQ3 20209.02
TCOMCONSUMER DISCRETIONARY250,000$7,785,0002.362.6719-23%Q2 202034.65
QRVOINFORMATION TECHNOLOGY60,000$7,741,0002.342.6320-20%Q4 2019147.63
MOCONSUMER STAPLES200,000$7,728,0002.3421NewQ3 202040.33
RPTREAL ESTATE1,350,000$7,344,0002.2222NewQ3 20206.5
LVS(CALL)CONSUMER DISCRETIONARY153,000$7,139,0002.162.21230%Q1 202058.28
DBICONSUMER DISCRETIONARY1,200,000$6,516,0001.971.2324108%Q2 20206.36
FL(CALL)CONSUMER DISCRETIONARY180,000$5,945,0001.81.66250%Q1 202037.24
KBALINDUSTRIALS550,000$5,797,0001.760.6126230%Q2 202010.99
ROICREAL ESTATE500,000$5,208,0001.581.8270%Q2 202013.01
WYNN(CALL)CONSUMER DISCRETIONARY70,000$5,027,0001.521.65280%Q1 202092.19
PDSENERGY4,500,000$2,880,0000.870.972911%Q2 202014.97
VIAC(CALL)COMMUNICATIONS86,000$2,409,0000.730.64300%Q2 202030.2
NOV(CALL)ENERGY163,600$1,482,0000.450.6731-5%Q2 202010.98
UBAREAL ESTATE50,000$460,0000.1432NewQ3 202011.36
Scion Q3 2020 Positions liquidated
StockSectorMarket ValuePreviousRankChange inQtr 1st
% of PortfolioSharesOwned
CPATRANSPORTS2.49Sold All155,000Q2 2020
HP(CALL)ENERGY0.11Sold All17,500Q2 2020
HPENERGY2.32Sold All375,000Q2 2020

We of course have no way of knowing which positions, if any, Michael Burry has sold since the end of Q3. But Scion’s top new holding has appreciated nicely since Q3’s end. CVS has rallied from a close of $58.40 on Sept. 30 to 73.47 as of Nov.16. However, CVS tumbled over 8% yesterday on news that Amazon is launching a rival pharmacy.


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