Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone, 83, is famously frugal. In an interview with CNBC last year the multi-billionaire told of challenging the cable company’s $200 bill for his Manhattan apartment’s service. “The point I'm making is it's not that I'm cheap, it's just that I want to make sure I don't squander money," Langone says.
On December 27, 2018, Cannell Capital LLC — a hedge fund based in Alta, Wyoming – disclosed sending three separate letters to three company managements, notifying them of Cannell’s activist intentions. Buying the stocks targeted by Cannell on that date would have produced an average gain of 32.40% over the 25 trading days since.
Newell Brands (NWL) stock tumbled 22% over three days, but a long-time lieutenant of activist investor Carl Icahn was buying, picking up $1 million worth on August 8 at $20.50. In total, 3 directors of NWL bought $1.7 million of stock into the downdraft. The purchases were disclosed in Form 4 filings submitted today.
By Mark W. Gaffney For WhaleWisdom.com As of May 1, 2018, over 5,200 stock positions were held by the 55 funds classified as activist investors. That’s according to data from WhaleWisdom.com. Most of these stocks will be unremarkable performers, generating little alpha for the fund or investors. But hidden among the many...